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As a writer, I primarily cover theater and entertainment as a senior contributor to Forbes magazine.

However, I occasionally publish in other outlets, and am working on several pieces of fiction.

For interview or coverage requests, please reach out at the Contact tab above. 

You can see highlights of my Forbes work on my website here. 
Or you can click below to see all my coverage on the Forbes home platform. You can also sign up for my mailing list, to which I send a digest of all my pieces each month.
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   Wall Street Journal

I wrote Harold Prince's obituary for The Wall Street Journal. Prince was a legend of Broadway, in many ways synonymous with the industry itself, and his relentless creativity paved the way for the Rialto's billion-dollar boom in recent years



An oldie but a goodie, and still relevant in these dark latter days. In the week after Trump's election, I compiled a list of facts and thoughts that greatly helped me stabilize and move forward with hope. Maybe they'll help you, too, even now.

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